Although hung over (had about 4 hours sleep from drunken night before), I made it to Ruth's hotel and enjoyed a bit of English breakfast (Jap style)..which as enjoyable as it was, played havoc with my bowels later. We set off for Kamakura - an hours train ride south, although worlds apart from the hectic metropolis. Kamukara was the capital (1192 -1333) and today boasts a wealth of temples and shrines.

Note the wedding taking place in side

Fortunately, we decided to go when the annual 7,5,3 festival was being held, celebrating children of those ages who were once thought to be in danger of imminent misfortune. Dressed in mini kimonos, they head for the shrines with their proud parents and grandparents in tow. I did question taking pictures of other peoples toddlers, but the parents didn't seem to mind.

Delicous as they looked, I heeded my bum's advice, and stayed away from any more food

It was quite eerie as we strolled through this garden, there were several graves (some with giant lolly stcks attached - see the pic) and pipe music emanating from an unknown source. Huge Eagles were gliding above and there were several huge spiders, that we were told, were venemous.

To give you a sense of scale, the berry next to the spider was the size of a small grape!