Boozy Friday

Nothing like a few beers after work on a Friday. I met Pete at the bar in the British Embassy (where I was introduced to the first chav I've seen in Japan - not a great ambassador for the UK! - I cant understand why the Goverment employs such idiots and gives them great jobs ) We then headed into town and hit several bars, unfortunately we didn't decide to stop until 6am....Saturday was a right off ;-(

The girl in yellow is Katty, I cant recall the other girls names, we've been dancing with them over the last few weeks.

This is Pete the Pilot, who works in the RAF (who I met on Xmas day) and have spent most weekends boozing/skiing with since.

The chap in the bottom picture is Rommy - a French gent who doesn't like the French....a cool character who seems to know everyone in every bar. Aysh and I spent Xmas day with him.