Whilst Ive been there several times before, Thailand never ceases to provide new and amazing experiences. The purpose of the trip was to spend 3 nights in Phuket where we would enjoy humiliating Spencer on his stag, and later celebrate his marriage vows with Yuri. The photos of Spence in his Blue man suit say it all, we also ensured he ate some viagra before heading to the go-go bars. The wedding was set on the beach during sunset and was like something out of a movie, very romantic.

Mike and I then headed towards the islands of PiPi and Krabi, before heading back to Bangkok. We met many people, visited "the Beach", saw the naughtyside of Thailand aswell as the more 'family friendly' side. We snorkelled and I saw a sea-snake, spent a day in a Thai cooking class, visited many markets and massages.

It was also a highlight to be able to eat chicken cordon bleau - a luxury that is unavailable in Japan.

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