City break

  • Kawaguchiko pictures

  • A bunch of friends and I stayed at a lovely cottage near Mt Fuji for the weekend pursuing fresh air and relaxation. There were 13 of us in total so maybe relaxation wasn't always going to take place, but it was certainly a fun weekend. Having hired bicycles we cruised through the local village & farmers market before embarking on a gentle ride around the lake. On return to the cottage, the owners served us steak followed by beer and snacks whilst we rested in the outdoor jacuzzi.

    The following day, our bodies were tested again as we hired canoes and ventured around the lake. That was followed by a couple of hours on quad bikes. It was my first taste of quad biking and I LOVED it. So much fun was to be had as we scrambled up and down hills. I was a bit over-eager at one point, I took a sharp corner too fast, my bike didn't turn and decided to go straight over the edge and head down the mountain which was at least 60-70degrees. Survival instincts told me to jump and catch the nearest tree - which I did, and luckily the bike didnt go more than a few meters further solo.