Winter 2010

Ive done a lot of snowboarding this winter, with trips to Naeba, Myoko, Minakami, Zao and Hokkaido. One the whole, the snow has not been good and I have not enjoyed boarding so much. I also took a big fall in Zao, and 6 weeks on, I'm still limping with my injuries, no damage just bruising. Whilst the boarding itself has not been "brilliant", its always fun getting away with friends, and spending some time in the countryside.

February saw the departure of a close friend Tatjana, more good friends are leaving in April with Kumar and Mikey Mike amongst them. With others also following, I have to now decide where my future lies.

I celebrated my birthday with an impromptu party at my apartment, which had a good turnout of people, especially as many were only given a few hours notice.

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