the day after

Feeling pretty null by the whole thing, spend most of the day watching BBC, and NHK. The contrast between the type of reporting is interesting. TV cameras capture a massive explosion at the power station, it’s unclear what caused the blast. When I first saw the news yesterday, the no of dead was 17, and that increased before I went to bed, but now the number is in the hundreds.

I receive a phone call from work, they want to check that I’m safe and ask why I didn’t return to the office after the earth quake…where do I start? Apparently the six ‘I am safe’ e-mails that I replied to, and the registering ‘I am safe’ website failed to register – great to know we have a solid BCP plan!

Shoko and I leave it late before we venture outside, the streets are dead as we head to the supermarket and the shelves are bare, no meat at all in the fridge, but there are vegetables and some water.