Tuesday 22

Back to work and the boss isn’t in the office, I was told that he was in Singapore for one working day; he will be back in Tokyo tonight. I wonder how much it cost to fly business class, stay in a hotel for four nights, and then work one day (which is quiet as Japan is on holiday), sounds like a productive trip, a – great example to the team…

The World Health Organisation says the food contamination in Japan is 'more serious' than first expected. This comes after concerns that the radioactive particles have contaminated food and water supplies.

None of the three kombinis that I ventured into earlier had any water, so I then tried stocking up on fruit juice. However, the assistant informed me that we are rationed to 5 bottles of fluid – I wonder if that includes shampoo?

I start research into Geiger counters and soon realize that they have sold out – globally! The mass panic has caused people in America to freak out and now all Geiger counters have been sold. I see some on EBay going for 10* the original price. I hastily send a mail to Mum, Dad and Lorna asking them to look out for such tools, in case a local merchant has one.