Monday 14

Back to work, and there are constant after-shocks, the building is swaying, the door swinging, and my Starbux Americano seems to have a whirlpool. But, I’m pretty used to it, we all are now, and we just work – or try to. I am watching CNN most of the day which is making me age far faster than any potential radiation will do. The news varies every day, something new happens to one or more of the six nuclear reactors, we can only sit and watch and pray for the people working on the plant.

There is a somber mood in the office, I’m told that my boss departed at 16:30 on Friday without telling anybody, whilst other people could not get home and had to sleep in the office, it sounds as though the team have lost respect for him. I speak to more friends who are all anxious for their safety and they are leaving the country.

It’s not until 19;00 that we receive an email from the company acknowledging the earthquake, nothing to reassure us that the building is safe though.