Anxiously watching the news

Another day, more of the same, constant aftershocks and being scared watching CNN. I speak to more friends who are either already out of the country or have booked flights to get out of the country. Friends and family back home send me links and news items from a range of sources all conclude that Japan is going to have a nuclear problem, and that I should run whilst I can. I phone a travel agent to get an idea of prices; I can still get a flight to the UK, although the price has doubled.

Mailed the Embassy to inform them that I’m safe & I updated my details on their website

Drank beer and wine at lunchtime with two colleagues, and the discussion all centered on the same issue. I decided that I would be in Osaka by tonight, especially as so many people seem to be heading that way.

After lunch I have a long chat with my boss, he asked me where his report was. I tell him that I’m working on it but I am having trouble concentrating with what is going on, I ask him what the possibilities of working abroad are. He tells me that, if I leave and try to work offshore, there will be consequences, hastily adding that he is not threatening me. He then goes on and tells me that I would be like a front line soldier deserting the troops. He also likens it to a rat leaving a sinking ship, and says that I have a duty to the team, and lead by example. I tell my boss that the French embassy has recommended that its nationals leave Japan, to which he replies ‘they are always the first to run’, I tell him that I will leave Japan if my Embassy tells me to evacuate. Begrudgingly I walk back to my desk, the UK is now open and I receive more mails from friends and relatives abroad telling me to escape – I send out the same ‘please don’t worry’ e-mails