Wednesday 16

I should have had a holiday today, but I decided to go to work instead. I don’t feel like snowboarding right now, besides, Ricky told me that the gondolas at Nozawa are damaged and that they had two avalanches.

Radiation has leaked from the plant, though it is not clear from exactly where. Reactors 2 and 3 are thought to be the most likely candidates.

In the evening we meet with Senior Management. It is nice that they spare the time for us, and we are finally informed that engineers have checked and confirmed that our building is safe.

Tried to buy 2litre bottle of water, but it can’t be found anywhere, can only buy 500ml bottles.

There's increasing uncertainty about the radiation levels at the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan, as what appears to be white smoke or steam, has been rising from the plant. The aftershocks are still huge, a few over 6 every day. I feel as though I am living on a ship and am constantly rocking

I have a good reassuring conversation with my friend Jenny at the British Embassy. She is great, and reassures me that there is very little chance of any radiation threat. She had a pre-booked holiday to Australia but cancelled it, as she is needed in her job right now, and she has no fear about radiation in Tokyo. I feel good after our call and sleep well.